The best Vinho Verde (young wine) is produced in the Minho region in Portugal? The Minho is the original home and birthplace of this kind of wine.

Food tasting experiences

Experience Minho's local food

From 50€/person

Have you ever heard of “Punheta de Bacalhau”, the traditional, northern codfish snack? How woud you like to learn the secret of the Francesinha sauce? Choose one or more of the different food tasting experiences. Workshops and tastings available for all.

  • Traditional, northern portuguese cuisine;
  • Learn the secret to a great Francesinha;
  • Vegetarian and vegan version of portuguese dishes;

Wine tasting experiences

Experience Minho's local wine

From 19€/person

The Minho region is famous for its Vinho Verde (young wine). Turn into a professional wine connoisseur with the different wine tasting experiences available

  • Young wine tasting;
  • Rosé wine tasting;
  • Red wine tasting;
  • Sparkling wine tasting.

Interested in Port Wine? Let us know and we’ll arrange a personalized tour.

Beer tasting experiences

Experience Minho's craft beer

From 18€/person

If you’re a fan of good beer, you’ll surely enjoy Minho’s craft beer! Locally produced with 100% natural ingredients, Minho’s craft beer will please you with over 6 different types of beer available.

Take a guided tour in the brewery and learn all about the history of this still young local craft beer. The tour ends with a taste of the brewery’s most famous beers.